Paper Presentation Guidelines

Papers submitted for inclusion in the conference proceedings should be relevant to the conference theme. Authors should clearly describe the background of the study and/or rationale for the ideas/issues discussed, the work undertaken and methods used (where relevant), results or findings, and concluding discussion on the importance of the work.

Papers may be written using either British or American English as long as consistency is observed. Technical terms should be explained unless they are known to the broader ELT community. Acronyms should be written out at their first appearance. Authors are expected to submit carefully written and proofread material, with no spelling or grammatical errors, or language usage problems.

Paper length should be 7 – 10 pages.

The attached file provides paper template for writing the full paper, as well as further guidelines for the contents. All authors are urged to use this template for their own convenience.

Submission of full papers for conference proceedings

Presenters are invited to submit full papers for inclusion in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will be published in an electronic format only. CDs of the proceedings will be available for sale at the conference venue.

To submit a full paper for consideration, please follow the paper template provided. Email your full paper to by 1 May 2017. Please do check the conference website from time to time for all latest updates on submission deadlines.

Selected papers will be considered for publication in either of the two MELTA journals (Malaysian Journal of ELT Research and The English Teacher).

Poster Presentation Guidelines

  • Poster presentations have been scheduled for the second day of the conference. A specific time slot will be allocated for every poster presenter to remain at your respective stations to discuss your presentation with the conference delegates.
  • A conference poster is a piece of wall-mounted visual that can communicate your research at a conference, and is generally composed of a title, an introduction to your research, an overview of your approach, your findings (ideally in graphical form), insightful discussion of the findings, significance of the findings and implications.  This is only a general guideline and you can use individual creativity to design your posters in a manner that best suits your research.
  • Do not try to cover too many things in the poster. Present enough data to support your conclusions.
  • Size: Common dimensions for posters shall not be more than A1 size (594 mm wide x 841 mm height/23.4 in x 33.1 in).
  • The conference organisers will provide you an assigned board to display your poster. Presenters are responsible for mounting and removing your posters. The display schedule will be made available with the rest of the conference schedule.


CTS & CSTS Guidelines

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