Project Partner: UBSM

Participants are encouraged to contribute books or educational materials suitable for primary schools for the MELT-A-HEART social responsibility initiative. With the help of the state education departments, MELTA will identify schools to benefit from this project. All items donated should be new. Participants can drop off their items during the conference.


The Malachi Edwin Creative Teacher Showcase Award

Project Partner: Erican Educational Group

MELTA invites interested participants to showcase teaching innovations and/or teaching simulations of effective methods/practices. The best three presentations will receive the Gold, Silver and Bronze Creative Teacher Showcase awards. Teachers in Malaysian schools are eligible.


Hyacinth Gaudart Outstanding English Language Teacher Award

Project Partner: Pearson (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

This award is presented annually to an English language teacher who has been involved in ELT activities of situations of teaching that are considered exceptional, and beyond the ordinary duties of an English language teacher. Candidates’ involvement in community work, research and publication will be an advantage. The award is open to Malaysian ELT teachers teaching at pre-school, primary or secondary level. Entry details are available at


MELTA Creative Student Teacher Showcase Award

Project Partner: Erican Education Group

MELTA invites student teachers to showcase teaching innovations and/or teaching simulations of effective methods/practices. The best three presentations will receive the Gold, Silver and Bronze Creative Student Teacher Showcase awards. Student teachers in Malaysian institutes of higher learning are eligible.


The Basil Wijayasuria Best Malaysian Teacher Presenter Award

Project Partner: ELC International School

The THREE best presentations by Malaysian teachers, as judged by the MELTA conference judging panel during the conference, will receive the Gold, Silver and Bronze Basil WIjayasuria Awards.


MELTA – Smart Kids Way With Words Competition (Malaysian Schools)

Project Partner: Expornal Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

The MELTA-Smart Kids Way With Words Competition is held in conjunction with the MELTA International Conference. The competition, open to all Malaysian schools is a fun-filled activity that requires students to make use of their English language competence. It is a team (3 members per team) event and each school may send a maximum of three teams to participate in each category.


MELTA-LCMS Techno Teacher Award

This award is given to English language teachers fro pre-school to pre-university levels who have utilised technology extensively in the English language classroom. A key consideration will be evidence of the use of technological tools that are not specifically intended for education to enhance the learning of English. All nominations must be accompanies by documentation of the nomimee’s work that highlights his/her exceptional and/or creative utilisation of technology in the English language classroom. Candidates for the award can be self-nominated, or nominated by the school, district and state education departments, or any relevant organisations.


The MELTA President’s Award for Outstanding School ELT Project

Project Partner: Erican Educational Group

This is an award presented to schools in the State where the annual MELTA conference is held. It is presented to schools that have organised and implemented creative and interesting English language projects on a school-wide scale.